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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PACKAGE 1 (Approx. up to 1500 pax – indoor/outdoor)


Mobile Sound System

Professional music system by our experience sound engineer with amplifiers, speakers, additional microphone and speaker to be elevated from ground for better sound effect.

Description of Item

i) 2 unit of 18 inch. CERWIN VEGA Subwoofer Speakers

ii) 4 unit of 15 inch. PS15 Midrange Speakers

(with fly SOUNDKING speakerstand)

iii) 2 unit of 12 inch YAMAHA Monitor Speakers

iv) 1 unit of 32 channel YAMAHA Mixer (30 channel mic)

v) 1 unit of CREST AUDIO Power Amplifier (max 3000W)

vi) 2 unit of YAMAHA Power Amplifier (max 2000W)

vii) 2 unit of ASHLY Equalizer

viii) 1 unit of ASHLY Crossover

ix) 1 unit of ASHLY Compressor

x) 2 unit of SHURE-SM58 Handheld Microphone

xi) 2 unit of SENHEISER Cordless Microphone

xii) 1 set of Mobile Computerized Karaoke System


TOTAL PRICE RM1,500.00 (per day)

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